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Pushing Boundaries To try new destinations and new experiences

As a travel company, we welcome the imaginative travelers, the adventurous explorers and the interested sightseers to push their boundaries and try new destinations and new experiences. There's nothing we love more than recommending unique and unusual locales that are specifically tailored to the interests, budget and tastes of individual clients.

Specialising in bespoke itineraries, and have attended various International Luxury Travel Markets to source destinations and specialised purveyors of custom experiences globally. Through our vast global network of professional resources and partnerships, we are placed to create customized itineraries designed specifically with the individual traveler in mind.

As your chosen travel partner, you can rely on us to transform every moment of your vacation into a magical one. We are known for our ability to turn rainy days into incredible opportunities by signing my clients up for local cooking classes or booking them a curated tour of a local museum, often at the last moment. We believe that travel enhances our lives in many ways.

Not only does it afford travelers personal satisfaction, as we check each new destination off of our bucket list, but it also allows us to connect with new people who can improve our understanding of the world and allow us to appreciate its rich diversity.

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