Ancient Civilization’s destination of the month

Lets talk ancient civilizations this month. So many people think they need to travel to Egypt or Greece to see ruins from ancient civilizations. Did you know that we have spectacular ruins from civilizations that predate Christ right here in the Western hemisphere? I just came back from the Mayan and spent a good portion of my trip exploring the ancient Mayans. So many people think that the Mayan is all about beach and booze but there is so much more there if you want to look.

Chichen Itza was one of the largest Mayan cities and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here we saw a massive ball court and one of the only four sided pyramids built by the Mayan’s. They have uncovered and restored a huge amount of this city. You can see an ancient Mayan observatory and the remains of one of the great Mayan highways.

Standing in the ball court of Chichen Itza it was hard to comprehend the intricacies of the architecture. This structure was so massive and so detailed that it was impossible to comprehend the work that would have gone into creating it before modern technologies. It’s an experience I really think you should have, it makes you appreciate our modern comforts.

We also visited Coba while we were there. Coba has one of the tallest of the Mayan temples and you can still climb this one. It is quite a workout to reach the top but the view is spectacular. More than the view though was the feeling; to know that you are standing where only the most elite were allowed to stand and that this structure was there in the days of Christ is almost overwhelming. It was truly a spiritual experience for me.

A lot of people enjoy the cenotes when they are in the Mayan but few know the significance they had to the Mayan people. If you don’t know what a cenote is, it is a sink hole in the limestone that is full of water. They make for very refreshing swimming holes. We enjoyed our fair share of playing in them. Did you know though that the Mayan’s believed the cenotes to be entrances to the underworld? The cenotes were sacred to the Mayans. The cenotes also provided the water for the people which made them even more important.

So if you still want to go to Egypt or Greece to learn about ancient civilizations we can definitely help you with that but if you want to explore closer to home we can do that as well. If you still just want to go to the Mayan for beach and cervaza we can do that too. Call us for more information or help booking your next trip.